Oil Palm Plantations

Approximately 97.5% of planted area was developed as Greenfield projects

Oil Palm Plantations

Our aim with all our plantations is to innovate by enhancing traditional agricultural excellence with cutting edge technology and management practices.

Our operations include the development of oil palm plantations, cultivation of oil palm, management of estates, milling of FFB to produce CPO, CPKO, PK and PKE. 

Our objectives are to grow our crop and oil volumes both organically and through strategic alliances and partnerships, to achieve economies of scale and cost competitiveness; venture into new locations; and commence operations in multiple locations.

We are currently based in Central, East, West and South Kalimantan, and in West Papua in Indonesia, while we operate in Perak and Selangor in Malaysia. 

Our Achievements:
Goodhope Asia Holdings Ltd, the holding company of the Group incorporated in Singapore, has been accepted as an Ordinary Member of the RSPO under the category of Oil Palm Growers with effect from 2nd December 2014.

RSPO certification received for two oil palm processing mills on 18th September 2012 enabling all CPO produced by one of our plantations to be certified as sustainable palm oil.

The application of stringent policies and practices in nursery management, plantation development and maintenance has resulted in the early maturing of new plantations with commercial harvesting commencing at approximately 26-28 months from field planting, whilst generating high early yields.

By focusing on performance at every level and in every facet of palm oil growth and production, we are able to achieve an oil extraction rate which is on par with the leading players in the industry.