Goodhope... helping feed the world while preserving its resources.


There is an insatiable global demand for better quality food and a global imperative to produce food in a sustainable manner. Goodhope is a company determined to meet both challenges and has already established an impressive record of success.


Building on more than a century of plantation experience, inherited from our parent company Carson Cumberbatch of Sri Lanka, Goodhope is maximizing its productivity and returns to stakeholders, minimizing its use of resources, and protecting and preserving the natural environment and surrounding habitats and communities.


"Our vision is to become an integrated global player
in the food industry, whose people and performance
will lead change and deliver exceptional growth."


Today Goodhope is a company with a land bank of 157,889 hectares in Indonesia and Malaysia, of which 74,913 hectares is developed.  


From our roots in oil palm plantations, we are moving along the value chain to become an integrated player in the edible oils and fats market. Our entry into the edible oils & fats segment has been secured with the acquisition of refining and specialty fats businesses. This is simply the first step in achieving our goals for a sustainable future.


Towards this, our oldest and most mature plantation in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia obtained RSPO certification on 18th September 2012 for both its oil palm plantation mills. This enables all CPO produced by this plantation to be certified as sustainable palm oil. Further, the Group's edible oils & fats refining facilities in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia have also obtained a supply chain certification from the RSPO on 10th October 2012.


We believe in:


  • maintaining a firm focus on our key objectives.

  • being flexible enough to adapt to change and take advantages of new opportunities.

  • moving fast enough to turn opportunities into reality.


The organizational design we've developed to realize our vision is as follows.